10 Tricks for Managing Morning Sickness


Oust the Odor

Feeling a bit like a bloodhound? If your snoot can detect offensive aftershave at 100 paces, you can blame your new skill squarely on pregnancy hormones. To be more specific, an estrogen surge has heightened your sense of smell. And your super-smeller is making your morning sickness worse by triggering nausea the moment you smell something offensive, which happens to be most of the time.

The key is to avoid icky odors when you can. If the scent of frying meat sets you off, delegate your cooking duties or go veggie for a few months. If laying your head on a freshly laundered pillowcase triggers a run to the bathroom (thanks to the lingering scent of detergent), switch brands to one that is free of perfumes. The same goes for scented cleaning products or toiletries. You can also combat what your nose knows by opening the windows in your home as temperatures allow. The fresh air will help. So will scenting it with natural odors that make you feel less nauseous, such as mint, lemon or ginger.