10 Tricks for Managing Morning Sickness


Pace Your Meals

Eat, even if you don't feel hungry. We're not talking Vegas buffet here, just a series of small, protein-rich meals to keep your stomach from becoming empty. If you give hunger pangs a chance to strike, low blood sugar and stomach acids can become a pukey combination.

You should also eat during the middle of the night when you get up to go the bathroom. Line your stomach with soothing and easily digestible foods like yogurt fortified with fruit. This low-calorie, high-protein snack will help keep vomiting from becoming part of your morning routine. Complex carbohydrates are also good to munch throughout the day. These starchy foods -- like whole grain pastas and crackers -- act as nutritional time-release capsules to keep your energy and appetite stable.

The nutritional tips that serve you well at home can go on the road, too. Never be without a snack, whether you are in the middle of a commute, attending an office meeting or hosting a play date. If you're invited to a friend's for dinner, volunteer to bring fare you know you can eat.