5 Dating Tips for Shy Guys

Don't Expect Perfection
Don't try to be someone else.
Don't try to be someone else.

Suppose you're enjoying a really good hamburger. Would you lose your appetite because you think it could use more onions? It's the same with dating. You can both have a good time even if your haircut looks nerdy and you don't get her jokes.

But suppose the burger is burned beyond edibility. Do you mope over the charred beef or chow down the tasty fries? Likewise, getting lost on your way to a destination could be a humiliating disaster ("I'm so sorry! I guess you never want to see me again") -- or a chance to show grace under pressure ("We missed the start of the movie. But I hear there's a cool show at the planetarium …"). The choice is yours.

Our final tip is the make-or-break factor. It's the aim that underlies all the others.