10 Celebrities Known for their Complexions


Halle Berry

Halle doesn't need a glittery dress to sparkle.
Halle doesn't need a glittery dress to sparkle.
Kevin Parry/WireImage/Getty Images

When Halle Berry presented the Academy Award to Adrien Brody in 2003, Brody's response was to gather the actress in his arms and plant a long smooch on her. While Brody was no doubt thrilled about winning, he may also have wanted to get close to Halle Berry's famed complexion; perhaps he wanted to figure out her skin secrets?

Well, there's no need to grab movie stars to figure out their secrets, as Halle Berry has been very open about how she maintains her beautiful complexion. She told Cosmopolitan that biweekly facials and products by Lush were essential to her regimen [source: Cosmopolitan]. She told People that a healthy diet and regular exercise were two musts, and she also praised Kinara Lactic Acid Hydrating Serum, a product Berry says makes her skin as smooth as a baby's [sources: Garcia, Gurvitz et al.]. But don't think you need to spend a lot on products to look like Halle Berry; she told In Style that when it comes to makeup, less is more [source: Synnott-D'Annibale].

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