10 Celebrities Known for their Complexions


Nicole Kidman

Fun fact: Nicole Kidman's middle name is Mary.
Fun fact: Nicole Kidman's middle name is Mary.
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Nicole Kidman's face has garnered much attention in recent years as rumors swirl that she's had cosmetic surgery. She denied having any plastic surgery in 2007 to Marie Claire, but Kidman's complexion is noteworthy for other reasons as well. Kidman may be one of the best role models in Hollywood for judicious use of sunscreen. With her fair skin, Kidman could easily burn. Instead, she insists on wide-brimmed hats and an adequate amount of SPF, meaning that her skin looks just as it did when she caught Hollywood's eye years ago. Kidman also claims she maintains a healthy lifestyle with a strict no smoking policy, and indeed, smoking can prematurely age skin [source: Moran]. So quit the butts, and get your smokin' look from clean, clear skin.