Skin Cleansing

Skin cleaning promotes good hygiene as well as more youthful looking skin. Learn more about skin cleaning at HowStuffWorks.

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There's nothing like a freshly washed face -- unless your cleanser is leaving you high and dry. If your soap is drying out your skin, it's time to switch to a moisturizing cleanser.

By Susan Sentry

Your initial reaction to the thought of no more baths may be "gross!" But there also could be more serious ramifications than an unpleasant layer of grime.

By Katherine Neer

Antibacterial soap is supposed to save us from deadly bacteria, but the microbes are surviving and may be getting stronger. Should we ban antibacterial soap altogether?

By Josh Clark


With all the talk about germs in the office and other public places, many of us have a bottle of antibacterial soap somewhere nearby. But is it any better?