Skin Moisturizing Basics

Skin moisturizing basics include product recommendations and application tips. Learn more about skin moisturizing basics at HowStuffWorks.

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Many of us moisturize our faces on a daily basis, but not everyone considers their nails. Brittle nails, which can break and chip easily or can peel off in layers, impair daily activities -- what should you do to keep them moisturized?

By Gina Fisher

You apply lotion or body cream to get smooth, silky legs, but you end up breaking out in hives. What gives? If you know what allergens to watch out for, your moisturizer will keep you smooth instead of breaking you out.

By Victoria Vogt

Using a moisturizer on a regular basis can keep your skin looking and feeling better, but what happens if you start skipping that step in your daily routine?

By Sarah Jourdain


Rrrrip! The sound of waxing can certainly be cringe-worthy. Face it; getting smooth, stubble-free skin isn't always pleasant. But if you take time to ready your skin prior to waxing, the experience doesn't have to leave you wincing in pain.

By Susan Sentry