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Pedicures 101

When it's winter and they're clad in boots and warm socks, it's easy to ignore your feet. But when someone stares at your scratchy, callused soles in horror, it might be time for a pedicure.

Manicures 101

Fake or real? Tickle me pink or muted mauve? Cut cuticles or just push them back? The beauty treatment for your hands isn't as straightforward as you might think. And yes, men get them, too.

Do you need a base coat before you apply nail polish?

A perfect manicure or pedicure isn't all about the trendy color you put on top. Why should a base coat be the first step in any lacquer job?

Nail Polish 101

When you paint your toenails "I'm Not Really a Waitress" red, what ingredients are you adhering to your nails? Is polish good or bad for your finger and toenails?

Is it bad to cut your cuticles?

Your cuticles are one of those parts of your body that don't appear to do much, but they help prevent bacteria from invading near your fingernails. So why do some feel they need to be trimmed? Is it OK to cut your cuticles?

Why does nail polish turn your nails yellow?

People use nail polish to beautify their nails, and these days you can find it in almost any color. So when you take the polish off, why are your nails sometimes yellow?

Understanding Nail Fungus

Fungus is one of those words that just sound bad. Even if you don't know what it is, you definitely wouldn't want it growing on your body. However, as many as 14 percent of Americans suffer from nail fungus.

How often should I buff my nails?

Buffing your nails regularly not only gives them a smooth shine, it also promotes healthy nail growth. But could buffing too much actually cause damage?

How often should I cut my baby's nails?

Trimming a baby's nails can be a scary prospect for parents afraid of accidentally nicking their newborn's skin. But since it's a necessary task, how often does it need to be done?

How often should I cut my nails?

Nail length is mainly a matter of personal preference, but certain factors can affect how often they need to be cut. What should you consider when deciding when to trim your nails?

How often should I file my nails?

Regular trimming isn't the only important part of caring for your fingernails; keeping them filed also has some key benefits. How does this step help keep your fingernails healthy?

How to Moisturize Your Cuticles

A pair of perfectly manicured hands can add the right finishing touch to your outfit. Then again, ragged, dry and cracked cuticles can ruin the entire look. Luckily, keeping cuticles moist and healthy is much easier than you'd think.

How to Treat a Nail Infection

Nail infections may not sound particularly serious, but they can be painful and can easily spread to surrounding tissue. But how do you know if your nail is infected, and how do you treat it?

How to Treat a Torn Nail

You've probably torn a fingernail or toenail before, and you know how frustrating and painful that can be. But how can you treat torn nails to help them grow back quickly?

How to Treat an Ingrown Nail

Those pointy-toed heels may look great, but they can wreak havoc on your feet. If you have a red, swollen toe, it may be an ingrown nail, but how do you treat this often-painful condition?

How to Treat Cracked Nails

Cracked, splitting nails can be unsightly and sometimes even painful, but how can you treat this frustrating condition?

How to Treat Damaged Cuticles

It's easy to take your nails for granted, but don't make the same mistake with your cuticles. Mistreating those little strips of skin on your nails can lead to more trouble than they're worth.

Is it unhealthy to bite my nails?

Nail biting is a common nervous habit, especially in children, but can biting your nails cause health problems?

Is the sun bad for my nails?

It's common knowledge that sun exposure can cause sunburns, wrinkles and even skin cancer, but is the sun also bad for your nails?

Are acrylic nails bad for my health?

If you long for well-manicured hands and your short, broken nails just aren't cutting it, you may be considering acrylic nails. But are acrylic nails safe?

How can nails be signals of systemic disease?

Nail health is more than just a cosmetic matter -- it can be a window to your overall well-being. What changes in your nails' appearance are worth contacting a doctor about?

Cuticle Cream Basics

When the nail technician rubs cuticle cream on your nails during a manicure, she's not just giving you a free massage -- she's improving your nail health. How do these creams help fight infection?

Cuticle Care 101

For such small pieces of skin, cuticles can have a big impact on your nail health. How do they help to fight against infection?

How fast do nails grow?

If you're a parent, you might have noticed that your child's fingernails always need clipping, whereas your broken nail is taking weeks to grow back. Why do some nails grow quicker than others, and how fast do nails really grow?

How Fingernails Work

Maybe you only think about them once a week when selecting a shade of OPI enamel, or perhaps you think about them daily because you're trying to quit biting them. No matter how often you think about them, what do you really know about your nails?