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If you want to make an at-home manicure look halfway professional, you need to apply your polish like a pro. But how many coats does that take exactly?

By Alison Cooper

Nail salons are a $6 billion industry in the U.S. But just because they're popular doesn't mean they're always the safest and most hygienic places to be.

By Bambi Turner

Salon pedicures can be expensive and the cheap nail places can have dubious hygiene. So why not do your own pedicure at home? It's easier than you think.

By Kim Williamson


Want to spice up your manicure with an accent shade? Try the ruffian manicure. Here's how it's done at home.

By Debra Ronca

You probably don't think about the health of your nails very often, but just a little at-home attention can keep your fingers and toes in tip-top shape. What are the best ways to take care of your nails?

By Maria Trimarchi

Hitting the nail salon for a mani-pedi is one of life's simple pleasures. But when you consider the chemicals that go into making your nails look their best, you may start to think twice.

By Emilie Sennebogen

Once upon a time, no well-dressed woman left the house without matching lips and nails. But does anyone still do that?

By Sarah Winkler


Our fingernails are subjected to water, chemicals and whatever else we put them through in a given day. So how can we protect them from breakage? Easy! We'll tell you.

By Terri Briseno

French manicures are totally yesterday. Here are 10 of the most fiercely creative -- and eye-catching -- nail trends we've seen.

By Alison Cooper

Your nails should reflect your inner goddess. When you want nice nails but a trip to the nail salon won't fit into your schedule (or your budget), we've got you covered.

By Sara Elliott

Extend the life of your nail polish with vinegar. Learn more about using vinegar to stretch your nail polish dollar.

By Josh Peterson, Planet Green


Have you ever taken a look at your fingernails? I mean a long hard look, noticing every crevice, ripple, and ridge. In fact, health professionals have long tied your health to the health of your cuticles.

By Sara Novak

Toenail fungus is unsightly, embarrassing and most of all stubborn. Learn about techniques for correcting toenail fungus.

By the editors of PureHealthMD

The Frenchie, long the elegant go-to style for manicures, is no longer the only choice for near-neutral nails. What's an American manicure, and how does it look different from the classic French?

By Julia Layton

A good French manicure looks understated and classic. But where did the white-and-neutral look come from, and how can give yourself the French look at home?

By Julia Layton


These hand and nail care products can be made at home and won't empty your wallet. Get skin care tips and learn how to make hand and nail care products.

By Editors of Consumer Guide

Some moms-to-be are willing to try anything to induce labor naturally once the final days of the third trimester hit. Besides warm baths and spicy foods, there's another method that's said to speed things along: pedicures. True or false?

By Tom Scheve

While the majority of nail salon visits won't send you on your way with anything other than an excellent manicure and pedicure, customers -- and salon workers -- are at risk of spreading disease. We've got five culprits to watch out for.

By Tom Scheve

Every now and then, a story will appear in a magazine or on the local news about the threats posed by salons. These stories usually focus on potential threats to customers -- a dirty footbath or poorly sterilized instruments. But what about the manicurists themselves?

By Molly Edmonds


Is one better than the other at removing polish? What about on your nails?

By Rachel Oswald

When it's winter and they're clad in boots and warm socks, it's easy to ignore your feet. But when someone stares at your scratchy, callused soles in horror, it might be time for a pedicure.

By Rachel Oswald

Fake or real? Tickle me pink or muted mauve? Cut cuticles or just push them back? The beauty treatment for your hands isn't as straightforward as you might think. And yes, men get them, too.

By Susan L. Nasr

A perfect manicure or pedicure isn't all about the trendy color you put on top. Why should a base coat be the first step in any lacquer job?

By Stephanie Watson


When you paint your toenails "I'm Not Really a Waitress" red, what ingredients are you adhering to your nails? Is polish good or bad for your finger and toenails?

By Sarah Winkler

Your cuticles are one of those parts of your body that don't appear to do much, but they help prevent bacteria from invading near your fingernails. So why do some feel they need to be trimmed? Is it OK to cut your cuticles?

By Nathan Chandler