15 Ways to Get Rid of Acne


Loosen Up When You're Working Out

Should you pop your pimples?
iStockphoto.com/Catherine Yeulet

We're all familiar with acne on our faces, but some of us break out pretty much anywhere on our bodies. One major cause of this is acne mechanica, a form of acne caused by friction, heat, and constant contact between skin and clothing or athletic gear. Headbands and helmets are likely to cause acne on the hairline, and chin straps will leave their mark as well. If you have athletic gear that rubs against your skin, try loosening it up or removing it during those times it's not in use.

Many jogging suits or yoga outfits can cause acne problems as well. This is usually because they're too snug-fitting or made of synthetic fibers. Switch to looser-fitting clothes made of cotton, and you should soon start to see an improvement in your skin.

Clothing isn't the only thing you need to worry about when you're working out -- find out what else you should keep in mind on the next page.