10 Active Senior Hobbies

Water aerobics is great for exercising -- and socializing.
Water aerobics is great for exercising -- and socializing.

In recent years, advertising campaigns for senior health care companies have often featured an image or two of mature and fit men or women bobbing through a tough ocean swim or finishing laps in a pool. Connecting swimming with heath and wellness campaigns is a good fit because according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), these are just some of the benefits of swimming for the aging:

  • Decreases the risk of chronic illness
  • Improves health for those with heart disease and diabetes
  • Lessens osteoarthritis pain
  • Improves joint health for anyone with rheumatoid arthritis
  • Maintains or improves post-menopausal bone health
  • Decreases depression and improves mood

Taking a dip in a lake or ocean outdoors or swimming laps indoors is a daily routine for some, and both provide a cardio workout and a chance to just wake up and refresh the mind and body. Conditioning through water ballet and water aerobics can bring opportunities to socialize, too. Community and club pools often feature special times slots for adult and senior swims, so it's easier to get lane time while connecting with peers.

Seniors in Central and Eastern Europe, Greece and elsewhere have been sharing fellowship in the water for thousands of years in spas and bath houses, making soaking and socializing a hobby in its own right. Many ethnic and senior communities in the United States continue this cultural practice.