10 Active Senior Hobbies



Many a grandpa has been teased about "tinkering" with everything from cars to boats to motorcycles. Maybe there's a project truck in your own garage or an old barnacle of a boat upside down on oars in the driveway. There could even be a non-working classic Harley that family members secretly hope never rides well enough for imperiling "sweet old mom and dad." But restoring any of these machines is the hobby of senior enthusiasts worldwide. Bringing an old vehicle, piece of furniture or an entire home to life again involves detail work, creativity and troubleshooting that are great for the mind and body and often for the family, with projects sometimes crossing generations and turning into team efforts.

While these projects are mostly enjoyable hobbies, when a senior's expertise is needed for helping with rewiring, fence-painting, sewing fixes, and yard work or other needs, people are probably less likely to call it tinkering. Then, it's a way to fill free time for older family and friends who in reality, can be busier with hobbies and fix-it projects if in retirement than they were while working.