10 Active Senior Hobbies



Travel can be a hobby whether you go anywhere or not. In a journey-is-the-destination kind of way, some enjoy being armchair travelers and soaking in pictures and stories of different cultures. Those with the resources and luxury of retiree time often make travel the main activity of their later years, venturing across the nation or across continents. Loading up an RV and hitting the road -- sometimes even trading traditional homes for mobile living -- appeals to many, while being a tourist in the place you're planted and discovering what your area has to offer, is a goal for others.

Senior men and women alike plan annual or semi-annual trips with friends that center on fishing, hunting, shopping or the arts, while snowbirds migrate from northern regions to the balmy South to join their peers for a season. Splitting time with different family members or bringing family to where you are and planning the trip agenda often makes travel a family affair, but solo travel and senior-specific trips make for a large and diverse travel industry for the over-50 sector. Finding senior travel discounts or special packages can be a click away, and even connecting with a like-minded solo traveler for sharing a room or enjoying a trip without having to go it alone is an option through online forums and travel companies [source: Frommer's].