5 Tips for Freshening Up After an Office Workout

Reapply Deodorant

We saved the most important tip for last. Because no matter how you look when you return to your desk after a workout, the most important thing is how you smell -- or, rather, how you don't smell.

When it comes to deodorant and exercise (and when we refer to deodorant, we mean antiperspirant deodorant), you have a few options. Clinical formulas claim to provide protection through many hours, even remaining strong after a shower [source: Degree]. So, if you don't plan to keep an extra stick of deodorant at the office, at least be sure you wear the heavy protection, which most major brands now offer.

However, if you want to be on the safe side -- or if you wear a regular formula that's put to the test during a workout -- pack some in your bag and apply it after you've cleaned up. A final option doesn't involve deodorant at all. Rather, you could use a body spray containing a combination of vitamins and witch hazel that is meant to kill odor-causing bacteria [source: Brown].

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