Back Strengthening Exercises

A strong back is essential to good posture, proper balance, and warding off back injuries. In this article, we'll present a variety of exercises designed to strengthen and tone your back muscles, including a bent-over row, a seated row, a reverse fly, a back pulldown, a bent-knee plank, and more.

Each exercise is broken down into simple steps and illustrated with photos that show you the proper form to follow for maximum results. Prevent backaches and decrease back stress by incorporating these back-strengthening exercises into your fitness routine.

The first exercise, a bent-over row, is one of many back strengthening exercises you can do at home. This variation of the bent-over row is performed on a stability ball while holding dumbbells.

Step 1

Assume start position as shown by sitting on stability ball and holding your dumbbells on the outside of your calves.

Step 2

Slowly lift both weights by bending your elbows up toward the ceiling while squeezing your shoulder blades.

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