10 Organizations That Want to Help You Quit Smoking

For-profit Companies
The nicotine patch can be a great first step in the quitting process.
The nicotine patch can be a great first step in the quitting process.

Cigarettes are big business, and with millions of smokers out there trying to quit, so is smoking cessation. There are a number of mainstream and less conventional products available aimed at helping smokers quit.

You're probably familiar with the more mainstream products, like nicotine replacement therapy and smokeless tobacco. Products like NicoDerm and Nicorette are probably the most common products for smokers trying to quit. The idea is that a nicotine patch or gum helps stave off the physical addiction, allowing smokers to taper off their nicotine intake and finally quit. Smokeless tobacco products, on the other hand, target the mental addiction to smoking, allowing smokers to go through the motions of smoking without actually smoking a cigarette.

There are also alternative therapy programs designed to help smokers quit. Hypnosis, acupuncture and meditation CDs aim to help smokers beat the emotional addiction, which many find to be just as difficult as nicotine withdrawal. There are even "subliminal meditation" anti-smoking products on the market, which combine meditation music with subliminal messaging that they claim helps smokers quit.

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