10 Organizations That Want to Help You Quit Smoking



The online community QuitNet centers on the idea that it's easier to quit smoking with social support. Started in 1995 by a Boston physician, it's now run by Healthways, a for-profit company. It's free to join the community, though they do offer a premium membership for around $10 per month that includes one-on-one counseling, an expanded "Quitting Guide," medication recommendations and milestone trophies.

The basic program is similar to the EX campaign: You choose a quit date and get support from the site. What makes QuitNet different is that it focuses on community. There's an online forum where you can meet fellow quitters, and you can add "buddies" for additional support. It's also more medication focused. Even basic members have access to the medication guide, which provides information about some of the nicotine replacement options (like the patch) and prescription medications (like Wellbutrin) that can sometimes help smokers transition off of cigarettes.