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Depression Questions

Depression questions offer some guidance in navigating the intricacies of this common condition. Learn the answers to depression questions about the causes, symptoms and treatments.

Can depression cause heart attacks?

What's even more depressing than depression itself? The fact that depression could lead to heart attacks. It's more reason you should seek help and start exercising when you get the blues.

Does Your Doctor Screen You for Depression? Why Not?

Experts are recommending that U.S. primary care physicians screen all adults for depression. See more »

Is there a blood test for depression?

Depression is a difficult condition to diagnose — a questionnaire is the primary method used these days. There are some promising diagnostic tools on the horizon, including a blood test. How reliable is this new test? See more »

Can cognitive behavior therapy help treat depression?

The relatively new field of cognitive behavior therapy is gaining credence as another tool in fighting the dark moods of depression. See more »

Is there a link between depression and menopause?

Menopause is a phase in a woman's life that's marked by irregularities. But one change that gets less attention is one of psychological health: depression. See more »

What is atypical depression?

For most people experiencing odd medical symptoms that don't seem to go together, getting a diagnosis is a relief. But a diagnosis containing the word "atypical" might leave you a little uneasy. See more »

How are hormones and depression related in adults?

Each year, millions of adults experience persistent feelings of worthlessness and despair that may last weeks, months or more. Are hormones to blame? See more »

Does depression run in families?

Some families are good at sports, while others seem to have politics in their blood. But not all family traits are desirable. Can depression be hereditary? See more »

How are depression and anxiety related?

Depression and anxiety are in the same family of mental distress. They have similar roots, but how similar are their symptoms and treatments? See more »

What happens when depression is turned inward?

Everyone feels deflated now again, but those with depression chronically experience deep sadness. What happens when you bottle up your emotions, rather than confront them? See more »

What is the link between depression and anger?

A person who's depressed may lash out at loved ones, or even strangers, and seem uncharacteristically consumed with rage. Where does that anger come from, and how can you treat it? See more »