Human Behavior

Human Behavior covers a variety of mysterious, engaging topics. Learn about how why humans behave the way they do and more.

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Could your ancestors be to blame for your overeating or excess spending? Unnecessary scapegoating is a lousy thing to do, but could there be some weight to this suggestion?

By Bambi Turner

We often focus on our bad habits, but there's actually a system of interlocking beneficial and detrimental ones that make up our everyday routines.

By Bambi Turner

Social media is overflowing with cute content -- everything from babies to puppies to seriously adorable lunchboxes. Find out why cute things make you go "aww!"

By Laurie L. Dove


"I'm addicted to you baby. You're a hard habit to break." So wailed the lead singer of the group Chicago. But there are harder habits to break out there – like nail biting and procrastinating. Do you do any of the things on our list?

By Shanna Freeman

You may think you know the answer to this one if you've pulled this this prank on one of your hapless friends. We, however, are trading your anecdotal evidence for real research to answer this question once and for all.

By Nicholas Gerbis

We chatted with expert, Dr. Nicole Joseph, about the five things are never appropriate to talk about at the Thanksgiving table.

By Dr. Nicole Joseph

We sat down and chatted with expert, Dr. Nicole Joseph, about what is most important to keep in mind when trying to enjoy the holidays with your family.

By Discovery Fit and Health Writers


My Mom is Obsessed therapist, Khana Lacewell, talks about the path to changing your behavior. Using these five steps, you can be on the road to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

By Discovery Fit and Health Writers

Nearly everyone looks in the mirror and wishes something were just a bit different. But what should you do when you're so ashamed of a physical trait or condition that it's making it hard for you to enjoy life?

By Denise Harrison

Tired of making resolutions and never following through? Check out our resolution ideas and try setting a new goal this year - one that you can actually accomplish!

By Discovery Fit and Health Writers

Secrets are powerful. Revealing them can end years of guilt, destroy lives -- or both. If it's time to spill the beans, take some time to plan for the fallout.

By Kevin P. Allen


What you don't know can't hurt you, right? Maybe not. Studies show secrets may actually be harmful to both those keeping them -- and those they're keeping them from.

By Terri Briseno

Listening is more than just hearing words. Learn about active listening in this article.

By Contributors

A child’s place in the family affects his or her character and parents’ expectations. Learn more about how birth order affects personality from this article.

By Contributors

Human behavior is the reaction, or response, of a person to a given situation. Read the definition of human behavior.

By Discovery Fit and Health Writers


Behaviorism, a theory that limits psychological investigation to objective events.

Habit, a learned action or other form of behavior that is repeated often enough for it to become a largely automatic response to a particular stimulus or situation.

Motivation, a term used in psychology to mean the cause of behavior that is persistently directed toward a goal.