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Too Tense to Poop? It Happens to a Lot of Women

What is the connection between women's brains and their bowels?

Living in Racist Community Linked to Health Issues for Blacks, Whites Alike

Living in racially hostile societies has been connected to the circulatory and cardiac health of both blacks and white.

What's Up With Women Being Expected to Smile All the Time?

Nice girls always smile, according to Western gender norms, but embracing 'Resting Bitch Face' could be good for gender equality.

Got a Backup Plan? Think About Ditching It

Yep, that backup plan may be getting in the way of you achieving your dream.

How Much Pee Is in Your Pool?

Urine for a shock when you learn how much pee is in the average public pool. Even Olympic swimmers admit to peeing in the pool -- just like you and me.

Why Don't We Notice We're Blinking?

We blink our eyes so often, yet we usually don’t perceive that the world has gone dark, if only for a microsecond. Why is that?

No Wisdom in Crowds? One Head May Be Better Than Two or 22

For difficult questions (Brexit, anyone?), large numbers don’t make for better decisions, says this researcher. But why?

Room Color Could Affect Whether You Ace Your Exam

It's time to cram. Where are you going to study, and what color are those study rooms painted?

I Used My Chronotype Info to Revamp My Life: Here's What Happened

A writer test-drives advice on running her life according to her biological body clock with some surprising results.

Want a Bigger Raise or a Smaller Waist? The Answer Could Lie in Your Chronotype

The key to a losing weight, winning an argument or anything else depends on knowing if you're a bear, lion, dolphin or wolf, says author of upcoming book.

We Talk With the Man Who Lived Like a Goat

Who hasn't wanted to get away from it all? For British designer Thomas Thwaites, that break entailed turning himself into a goat.

What Do High Heels Say About Conformity?

A study looked at women's shoe-buying habits to chart heel height, aspiration and conformity. What heel height rules in your state?

Emily & Lakisha 10 Years On: Are Employers Still Biased About Applicants' Names?

An update to a famous study shows that employers may not discriminate as much as before — with one important caveat.

Expectations Color the Ethics of the Powerful, for Good and Bad

Good news from the land of the powerful: Researchers have found that power doesn't always corrupt, especially if you set expectations about behavior beforehand.

It's Bumpy, Loud and a Little Bit Funny. It's Lawnmower Racing

The sport of lawnmower racing is real, and the season has just begun in the U.S. and the U.K. Ready to give it a go?

The Chance a Stranger Helps You in a Medical Emergency Is Depressingly Low

Whither the Good Samaritan? A new study finds the chance of receiving a stranger's aid in a public medical emergency is close to zero — and worse if you're black or poor.

The Bias Against African-American Children in U.S. Adoptions

Researchers found that many white adoptive parents thought African-American children were "too different" for them though they'd consider children of other races.

Magicians and Hackers: Social Engineering 101

We sat down with magician Brian Brushwood to learn how con artists and hackers can fool their targets with something as simple as a conversation.

In Search of the Perfect NCAA Bracket? Try Winning Powerball Instead

Or hey, maybe you'd love to see your favorite football team win the Super Bowl for 13 consecutive years? Yep, those are the crazy odds we're talking about.

Pass the Barf Bag If You're Not Going to Use It

Yep, there's a whole world of collectors who are eager for unusual (and unused) air sickness bags.

Be an Impoverished Artist for the Night

And not just any artist, but post-impressionist superstar Vincent Van Gogh. All for just $10.

Who's Watching the Adults? Facing Old Age Without Children

With 20 percent of U.S. women born after 1970 not having children, the question of who will provide elder care is becoming more urgent.

New Study Finds Surprising Reason to Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

Reaching for another cookie? What goes into the cabinets has more of an impact on what goes into your mouth than you might suspect.

Not a Morning Person? Your Body's Circadian Rhythms Could Ease Mars Colonization

The Martian day lasts longer than ours, which means that people whose circadian rhythms are out of sync with our planet may do better colonizing our red neighbor.

More U.S. Brides Are Keeping Their Maiden Names, for New Reasons

Even so, those numbers aren't quite as high as you might think.