Human Behavior

Human Behavior covers a variety of mysterious, engaging topics. Learn about how why humans behave the way they do and more.


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Personality, a person's characteristic behavior pattern. Many people think of personality as being made up of observable traits such as shyness, friendliness, and initiative.


Shyness, a common personality trait characterized by a tendency to be self-conscious and uncomfortable in social situations.

Human Behavior

Human behavior is the reaction, or response, of a person to a given situation. Read the definition of human behavior.


Behaviorism, a theory that limits psychological investigation to objective events.


Habit, a learned action or other form of behavior that is repeated often enough for it to become a largely automatic response to a particular stimulus or situation.


Imitation, the act of repeating the behavior of another, if the other individual's behavior has stimulated the repetition.


Motivation, a term used in psychology to mean the cause of behavior that is persistently directed toward a goal.