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Keep your loved ones healthy with these tips on caring for sick children, handling doctor visits and preparing for emergencies.

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Pediatricians Say Dairy OK for Lactose-Intolerant Kids

Pediatricians say dairy is ok for lactose intolerant kids but knowing the facts is important. Learn more about giving dairy to a lactose intolerant kid from HowStuffWorks.

Preventing Meningitis: Give Your College Student a Shot in the Arm

Getting your child vaccinated against meningococcal meningitis may help him or her to have a much healthier college experience. Learn how to prevent meningitis.

Calcium Crisis Affects American Youth

An alarming percentage of kids today are not getting the proper amount of calcium each day, placing them at serious risk for osteoporosis and other bone diseases. What can you do to keep the calcium crisis from affecting your children?

When should you call the pediatrician?

When a child gets sick, parents are understandably concerned. Which symptoms warrant a call to your child's pediatrician?

When Does a Child's Fever Warrant a Doctor's Attention?

As any parent knows, all kids get child fevers, but sometimes it's tough to know whether your child's fever requires you to visit a pediatrician. How can you judge the severity of a child's fever?

Your Child's Headaches May Be Migraines

Children also suffer from migraines, but they often go untreated because children are unable to describe the pain. See what you need to know about children's migraines and headaches.