Multiples can be twice the love and twice the work! Learn about caring for and parenting multiples.


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Are more people having multiples?

It certainly seems like more and more multiple births are happening -- especially if you follow celebrity pregnancies. What's behind the multi-baby phenomenon?

Preparing for Multiple Births

Parenting is no cake walk, even if the rewards are sweet. And becoming parents to twins, triplets or higher-order multiples requires extra patience and planning.

5 Common Problems With Raising Multiples

It's been said that children are gifts -- little bundles of joy. And when those bundles arrive in twos, threes or more, it can be extra rewarding -- and challenging.

Getting Organized With Multiples

There's no doubt about it, caring for multiples is a 24/7 job, and you need a schedule to control the chaos. Learn about staying organized when you have multiples in the house.

The First Year With Multiples: 5 Unique Challenges

Get advice from parents who know what it's like to have multiples in the house. Here, moms of multiples offer tried and true solutions to several unique challenges of life with infant twins, triplets or more.

Feeding Multiples: Beyond Breast or Bottle

When it comes to starting babies on solid foods, guidelines for multiples are the same as for singletons. Here are some of the subtleties you may encounter.