Skin Moisturizing Products

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Paraben-free Lotions

Parabens are preservatives often used in skin care products, but you may have heard that this common ingredient is linked to breast cancer. Is this cancer risk real? And are there paraben-free products?

Salicylic Acid Lotion

If you have acne, psoriasis, warts or calluses, a salicylic acid lotion may help treat your condition. But how do these lotions work, and how often should you use them?

Shea Lotion Basics

You may have seen shea butter listed as an ingredient in your moisturizer or cleanser, but what exactly is shea butter? And why is it used in so many different skin care products?

Skin Moisturizer Basics

Whether you have dry, oily, sensitive, aging or acne-prone skin, your skin needs moisture. But what moisturizer is right for you?

Skin-darkening Moisturizers

If you want that summer glow without the risk of sunburn and skin cancer, try a sunless tanning product. Self-tanners can give you quick color, but skin-darkening moisturizers may give you a more natural-looking tan.

Skin-lightening Moisturizers

Many who have some form of hyperpigmentation -- areas of darker skin -- turn to skin-lightening moisturizers to solve the problem. How can these topical treatments permanently change the color of skin?

How to Find a Moisturizer That Is Right for You

With all the options available, choosing the right moisturizer can be a daunting proposition. What are some steps you can take to narrow down the options?

Should I buy lotion that hydrates or protects?

When taking care of your skin, you have several things to consider, including moisturizing and sun protection. If you're choosing a lotion, which aspect is more important? Can you have it both ways?

Top 10 Most Extravagant Face Creams

Not all of us have skin as perfect as a porcelain doll's. How much would you pay for a product that promised to deliver serious results? Some of these extravagant creams cost more than your monthly mortgage payment.

Top 5 Gluten-Free Moisturizers

If you have celiac disease or have decided simply to pursue a gluten-free lifestyle, you've probably run into a few roadblocks. Finding foods, drinks and even makeup that suit your needs can be tough, but times are changing. Here are five of our favorite gluten-free moisturizers.

Top 5 Moisturizing Home Remedies

Let's say you're looking to soothe your dry skin, but the indecipherable labels (and unwelcoming price tags) of the lotions at the store leave you cold. Take a look in your kitchen cabients instead to get your skin glowing.

Are creams and lotions different?

You might not think there's a difference between creams and lotions. But if you look closely, there are things that separate the two. What does viscosity have to do with it?

Are cucumbers a natural moisturizer for eyes?

It's a common image in sitcoms and films -- someone relaxing in a lawn chair or settling into bed with facial cream and two cucumber slices around the eyes. Can cucumbers actually moisturize your skin, or are you simply wasting good salad material?

Are some beauty creams toxic?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the average person uses seven different cosmetic products on a daily basis. Are beauty creams safe to use, or do they contain ingredients that might cause harm?

Can tea bags moisturize the skin under my eyes?

A morning cup of tea can wake you up in the morning, but can it take away those tired, red circles around your eyes? Can caffeine really moisturize your skin?

Anti-aging Moisturizers

With damage from the sun's rays, irritation from shaving and drying soaps, there are a lot of things that contribute to aging skin. How can anti-aging moisturizers reduce the appearance of tired skin?

How are moisturizers evaluated?

Just a couple generations ago, moisturizers were created to simply moisturize. Today's moisturizers claim to do so much more including reducing the appearance of wrinkles and providing sun protection. But how are these über products evaluated?

How do moisturizers affect my skin's appearance?

Moisturizers are known for preventing dryness, but that's not all they can do for your skin. Which marketing claims should you trust, and which ones might need investigating?

Glycolic Acid Lotion

Glycolic acid is often used in chemical peels to rejuvenate your skin, but some over-the-counter lotions include it in small concentrations for everyday use. But will they get you the same kind of results?

Top 5 Weirdest Beauty Cream Ingredients

Facial creams claim to do everything from minimizing wrinkles to completely reversing the aging process. But if you took the time to read the label, you may be surprised at what you'd find.

What animal products are used in moisturizers?

Moisturizers keep the skin soft and supple and soothe away cracked and irritated skin. But did you know that some of the creams that keep you from feeling like a reptile actually come from, well, a reptile?

Which ingredients should be in moisturizers?

Choosing the right moisturizer can be a daunting task -- once you start studying the ingredients on the back label, things can get even more confusing. What are some of the basic ingredients that you should find in moisturizers?