10 Diets That Just Don't Work


Dukan Diet

Attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilization are the beginning stages of the Dukan Diet [source: Dukan]. These may sound more like the phases of a naval battle than those of diet, but they convey one point: Fat is the enemy and you're going to obliterate it. Here's how it works: Over a decade ago, a French physician named Pierre Dukan realized that if a person's food consumption is restricted to mostly lean protein, the pounds fall away. Yes, this may sound similar to the Atkins Diet [source: Zelman].

As with Atkins, nutritionists and doctors warn that by eliminating carbohydrates and restricting other foods, such as vegetables and fruit, you're also restricting your nutrient intake. Besides nutritional deficiencies, you may also end up with bad breath, fatigue and kidney problems. The bottom line is that while you may end up a few pounds lighter, don't expect to maintain this weight unless you've always preferred eating pork and oat bran.