10 Diets That Just Don't Work


Cookie Diet

Dr. Sanford Siegal, the inventor of this program, baked up his own version of a cookie, complete with fiber and essential amino acids, as a replacement for breakfast and lunch [source: Zelman]. All you need to do is eat four to six (for 500 calories) cookies each day, eat a dinner made up of lean proteins and vegetables (300 to 1,000 calories), and voila! You're on your way to shedding pounds … at least for the short amount of time you find cookies an enjoyable meal replacement.

One caveat, says dietician Hardy: Be wary of any diet that pushes the benefits of eating only one type of food or restricting your diet to a few items. While you may be able to drop the pounds in a couple of weeks, you'll feel unsatisfied and be hungry frequently. "It's the same as Slim Fast," continues Hardy. "Who really wants to drink a couple shakes or eat a couple cookies knowing that you're missing out on the opportunity to savor your food and let it nourish you?"