Sweating and Odor

Sweating and odor go hand in hand and nobody is a fan of either of them. Sweating problems can cause body odor but there are ways to prevent and treat these issues. In this section you'll find great articles about sweating and odor.

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Did you know that 1 percent of Americans sweat excessively while going about their daily lives? There's even talk that Botox can stop this excessive sweating, so let's find out if it's true.

By Maria Trimarchi

Some people believe that perspiration is a secret weapon for keeping our skin looking its best; others think it aggravates conditions like acne and eczema. Could both theories be correct?

By Sarah Grace McCandless

The more we learn about the so-called toxins housed in our bodies, the more the concept of "sweating them out" sounds like a good idea. But can that hot yoga class really give your system a fresh start?

By Sarah Grace McCandless