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Do bacteria cause body odor?

Sweating may seem kind of gross, but without it, our bodies wouldn't be able to cool themselves down in the heat. What causes excessive sweating and is it something to be concerned about?

Does diet affect body odor?

Garlic, onions, alcohol and coffee can all give you bad breath, but can they change the way your body smells, too? How many other foods can give you a case of B.O.?

What does a change in body odor mean?

Smelly body odor is always the proverbial elephant in the room. Nobody wants to talk about it, but nobody can ignore it. If body odor changes, it could mean several things.

Does dry skin affect your odor?

Could that foul odor you can't wash away be coming from your scaly elbows or sandpaper-dry feet? Dry skin looks unattractive, but does it stink, too?

Are there medications for body odor?

If you stink like a wet dog every time you get nervous, then you're probably desperate for a body odor cure. Wouldn't it be nice if popping a pill could make you smell like roses?

Why do I sweat so much?

Sweating may seem kind of gross, but without it, our bodies wouldn't be able to cool themselves down in the heat. What causes excessive sweating and is it something to be concerned about?

Why do I get sweat bumps?

Sweat bumps have several different names, but one thing in common: They can be pretty annoying. While they may not require a trip to the doctor's office, anything that makes you sweat, like jogging or gardening, can put you at risk for sweat bumps.

What is a sweat test?

Cystic fibrosis is the most common inherited disease in the United States and usually develops during the first year of life. Early detection is possible, thanks to a fairly simple and inexpensive test that measures the sodium and chloride in sweat.

Why does anxiety cause underarm sweat?

You're sitting in a conference room and soon, your manager will call on you to give a presentation. Your heart is pounding, and all you can think about is the spreading wetness under your arms. Why does a stressful situation result in perspiration?

Why do I sweat when I eat?

Hot wings leave you dripping, and your chili soaks your shirt. You know that eating makes you sweat, but what causes this unusual problem?

Does baby powder stop sweating?

Baby powder, despite its name, isn't just for the tiny humans among us. What is the white stuff made of? And does it really work against perspiration and the odor that comes with it?

Can botox stop excess sweating?

Did you know that 1 percent of Americans sweat excessively while going about their daily lives? There's even talk that Botox can stop this excessive sweating, so let's find out if it's true.

Is sweating good for your skin?

Some people believe that perspiration is a secret weapon for keeping our skin looking its best; others think it aggravates conditions like acne and eczema. Could both theories be correct?

Does sweating cleanse your system?

The more we learn about the so-called toxins housed in our bodies, the more the concept of "sweating them out" sounds like a good idea. But can that hot yoga class really give your system a fresh start?

10 Causes of Testicular Pain You Shouldn't Ignore

If you're like most men, you'd rather ignore the pain than go to the doctor and talk about pain "down there." But in many cases, trying to pretend the pain away could mean worsening your problem -- even to the point of needing your testicles removed.

How Male Puberty Works

Ah, puberty -- perhaps the most awkward time in a boy's life, when hair sprouts in odd places, voices crack and acne makes its unwelcome appearance. What's going on inside the body of a pubescent boy?

Do men go through menopause?

He's depressed, tired all the time and apathetic. It's a middle-aged man's midlife crisis, right? Not so fast: Those symptoms might have a lot more to do with hormone levels than a restless state of mind.

Are circumcisions really necessary?

Would you jump off a bridge if all your friends did? What if your friends were all circumcising their sons? See if there's a medical reason for slicing off foreskin -- or if we're nurturing an outdated, barbaric practice.

Men: "Play It Safe' With Your Skin

For the most part, skin problems are not based on gender -- rather it's a person's lifestyle that is most predictive of skin health. Learn what men should do each day to take care of their skin.

The Cutting Edge: Preventing Razor Bumps

Everyone loves smooth, clean-shaven skin, but a close shave is the biggest cause of unsightly and painful razor bumps that can also lead to scarring. Learn about preventing razor bumps by adding a few simple steps to your shaving routine.

Are routine check-ups for men really necessary?

Are routine checkups for men really necessary? Find out what men should know about preventive health.

Andropause: Dealing With Male Menopause

Most people know that women go through menopause, but some experts say that a man's midlife crisis may be their own male menopause -- also known as 'andropause.'

Weight Lifting and Weight Control

Weight lifting is a form of exercise that stretches and strengthens the body using weights. Learn how weight lifting can help with weight control.

Men's Nutrition Questions Answered

When it comes to your nutrition there are many questions that should be answered. Find out what you need to know about men's nutrition and supplements.