5 Odd Health Benefits of Brushing Your Teeth

woman brushing teeth
Brushing your teeth can improve health all over your body.
Christopher Robbins/Photodisc/Thinkstock

From childhood, we're taught how to brush our teeth -- use circular motions, up and down, and don't forget the back teeth. There are many benefits to good brushing. Brushing reduces tartar and plaque build-up and prevents gum disease and periodontitis. Regular brushing also lessens our chance of cavities and gives us whiter teeth and a prettier smile.

But it turns out that a healthy mouth is more than just clean teeth; it's also the portal to a healthy body. In 2006, the American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Medical Association (AMA) had their first joint conference. Their goal was to reduce health issues linked to poor dental care by increasing communication and awareness between the two professions. One speaker summed it up, saying "The fact that the mouth is connected to the rest of the body is often overlooked." [source: Sutton].


You may already know that teeth brushing can lessen your risk of developing heart disease [source: Dental Health Magazine] or that infections from poor oral care are linked to diabetes [source: Hatfield]. But it turns out that there are many more advantages -- outside your mouth -- that result from brushing your teeth. Read on to learn about some odd health benefits that teeth brushing can offer.