5 Odd Health Benefits of Brushing Your Teeth

3: Helps with Weight Loss

Brushing after eating will lessen your desire to snack.
Brushing after eating will lessen your desire to snack.

You've probably gulped a glass of orange juice in the morning, right after brushing your teeth and it didn't taste so good, right? Brushing your teeth after you're done eating has that effect with more than just orange juice. Once your mouth feels minty-fresh, food and drink will not be that palatable, so you're more likely to skip them [source: Diabetic Living]. Your mouth and your waistline will thank you.

Then, there's the mental aspect: Teeth brushing is a signal for your brain to tell your body that eating is over. So after dinner, go ahead and brush your teeth, even if you're not ready for bed. It will help you fight the urge to eat anything else. This alone can help with weight loss since many people eat out of habit or boredom at night. These calories are the worst because they don't get used up. Rather, you just take them to bed and they become fat [source: Sasse].


Finally, if you want an odd tidbit to impress friends on trivia night, brushing your teeth three times a day, for two minutes each time burns more than 3,500 calories a year [source: Middle Management]. That's at least an extra pound that you're losing, just by brushing your teeth!