5 Odd Health Benefits of Brushing Your Teeth

Reduces Sexual Problems

Not brushing your teeth can actually interfere with your sex life. And we're not talking about bad breath. A British study released in 2011 showed that gum disease and erectile dysfunction (ED) were related. Four out of five men in the study with severe erectile dysfunction also had gum disease [source: Dentistry.co.uk]. A group of Israeli researchers had similar findings -- over 15 percent of the men they studied with moderate to severe ED also had chronic gum disease [source: Prevention].

Why are these two conditions linked? Well, oral bacteria, built up from a lack of teeth-brushing, combined with plaque can enter the bloodstream. This can causes penile blood vessels to narrow, blood vessels needed to provide blood for a normal erection.

And on that topic, teeth brushing can also improve a man's sperm count. A separate Israeli research group found that of the 56 male subjects studied, more than 50 percent of men with low or no sperm counts also had gum disease. Of the men with no sperm count at all, half of them had chronic periodontal disease.

Dr. Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, summed it up well, saying, "Brushing your teeth may not sound sexy, but this study shows its importance to male fertility" [source: Dentistry.co.uk].

So, if you're a guy, you might want to stop reading and start brushing!

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