Home Remedies

Home remedies have become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional medicine. Find home remedies for common medical problems you can use to treat everything from minor ailments to diseases like asthma and diabetes.

5 Lemon Juice Remedies for Sores, Burns and Fevers

Who knew lemons had so many uses? Learn 5 remedies for everyday ailments using juice from this fantastic fruit.

10 Home Remedies for Colds

The symptoms of the common cold are familiar to everyone. While there is no cure for a cold, there are a number of self-help remedies to ease recovery and alleviate discomfort.

Belching can be embarrassing, but it’s the body’s natural way of eliminating swallowed air. To reduce belching, simply use these home remedies to reduce the amount of air you swallow.

If your breasts feel lumpy and you have intermittent discomfort, you may have fibrocystic breast disease. Learn about natural home remedies that can ease the symptoms of this uncomfortable disease.

While there is no cure for arthritis, there are home remedies that can help ease arthritis discomfort. Learn 40 practical remedies for relieving arthritis pain.

Most people don't think about their earaches much, but, when one develops, the affected ear can feel as if it has taken on monster proportions. Learn home remedies for earaches.

Every woman has heard menopausal horror stories, from weight gain to loss of sex drive. For the menopause symptoms you do experience, there are some preventative steps you can take. Learn some home remedies for menopause.

Uses for Salt: Medical Treatments

Salt can help cure a wide variety of ailments: sore throats, bee stings, and poison ivy. Salt has seemingly endless healing qualities. Learn more about the role salt can play in the medicine cabinet.

Uses for Vinegar: Home Remedies

Vinegar has a long history of being the prescribed solution to a number of ailments, including scurvy, cholera, tonsillitis, and diphtheria. Learn more about the role vinegar plays with home remedies.

Psoriasis is an uncomfortable, chronic skin condition that causes round, dry, skin patches that can itch or swell. Learn how to prevent and treat psoriasis with several simple home remedies.