Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine that uses the smell from essential oils to treat conditions. Learn more about aromatherapy, including what it exactly is, how to practice it and what role essential oils play.


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Oil Diffusers Make Your House Smell Great, but Are They Safe?

Burning some essential oils around your home may make it smell really nice. But could there be some side effects you should be worried about?

Essential Oils Profiles

Essential oils, the fragrant, concentrated liquids extracted from the flowers, leaves, roots, bark, and fruit of an aromatic plant, are the main ingredients in aromatherapy treatments. Learn about essential oils and their properties.

How to Treat Common Conditions With Aromatherapy

Our aromatherapy treatments are for relatively minor problems that you would normally treat at home. These treatment recipes were designed for you to start making your own aromatherapy preparations. Learn how to treat common conditions with aromatherapy.

Treating Insect Bites with Aromatherapy

Prevent insect bites with our fragrant recipe for insect repellent. And if you get bitten before you use the repellent, you can mix up your own treatment. Learn how to treat insect bites with aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy Insomnia Cures

Make our ZZZZ Formula and get a good night's sleep. Using our quick recipe, you can make your own aromatherapy insomnia treatment, and you can tailor its scent to your own preferences.

Aromatherapy Joint Pain Relief

You don't need to spend lots of money on Tiger Balm or similar manufactured liniments for joint pain. Instead, you can make your own using readily available ingredients and our easy instructions.

How to Improve Your Memory With Aromatherapy

Everyone forgets things from time to time. You can reduce the frequency by enhancing your memory with aromatherapy. Our memory formula uses natural ingredients to improve recall and concentration.

How to Treat Menopause With Aromatherapy

If menopause symptoms are bothering you, aromatherapy might be part of the solution. Learn how to make this body oil, which can help to relieve hot flashes, mood swings, and other symptoms.

Aromatherapy Muscle Pain Relief

Make this oil and apply it yourself or, better yet, get someone to give you a massage with it to get rid of muscle cramps caused by exercise, stress, or menstruation.

How to Get Rid of a Headache With Aromatherapy

Soothe a pounding head -- even a migraine -- when you learn how to get rid of a headache with aromatherapy. Find out how to make hot or cool compresses and warming hand soaks with essential oils.

How to Treat Herpes With Aromatherapy

Painful herpes outbreaks can be shortened and relieved when you learn how to treat herpes with aromatherapy. Find out how to prepare a mixture of essential oils for the affected area.

How to Get Rid of Hives With Aromatherapy

Itchy, red hives are caused by food or other allergies, but if you have them, you just want to make the itching stop! Follow these tips to get rid of hives with aromatherapy.

How to Treat a Weak Immune System With Aromatherapy

Feeling sickly? Tired of endless colds and infections? Learn how to treat a weak immune system with aromatherapy. Essential oils can promote healing and boost the immune system. Find out how!

Aromatherapy Nausea Relief

Nothing is worse than a bout of nausea, intestinal gas, or stomach pains caused by stress, so find relief naturally with a selection of essential oils. Learn how to use aromatherapy for nausea relief.

Aromatherapy Nerve Pain Relief

No need to stress out about nerve pain with this soothing remedy. You can make this formula yourself from natural ingredients and keep a supply on-hand for nerve injuries and chronic nerve pain.

Aromatherapy PMS Relief

You don't need to just put up with the irritability, bloating, and pain that many women experience from PMS. Instead, you can make these simple aromatherapy remedies to help soothe the symptoms.

Aromatherapy Sore Throat Cure

Singers have always used essential oils to treat sore throats. You can too with our remedies. The spray is both an anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic. The neck wrap soothes the pain of swollen glands.

Aromatherapy Stress Relief

Enjoy a hot bath or a soothing massage and relax with our aromatherapy mixtures. The essential oils they contain are known to relieve stress, and you can make them yourself with our easy instructions.

Aromatherapy Tooth Pain Relief

Clove bud oil is the key to this tooth pain treatment. This article explains how to make and to use a toothache oil that will soothe tooth pain in adults and teething children.

Aromatherapy Varicose Veins Treatment

You can make your own remedy for the discomfort of varicose veins and hemorrhoids with all natural ingredients. This article provides lists of effective ingredients and easy instructions for two formulas.

Aromatherapy for Depression

Fragrances can lift one's mood, so aromatherapy for depression uses the scents of essential oils to ease anxiety, paranoia, and mental fatigue. Learn how to use neroli or petitgrain and other essential oils as antidepressants.

How to Get Rid of an Earache With Aromatherapy

An earache, usually due to infection, can make you miserable, but aromatherapy can help get rid of an earache. Follow these instructions to use essential oils to reduce pain and swelling around the ears.

How to Treat Eye Strain With Aromatherapy

Working at a desk or computer screen can leave your eyes over-tired. But there are simple ways to treat eye strain with aromatherapy. Learn how to make warm or cool compresses with essential oils.

How to Treat Fatigue With Aromatherapy

Finding it hard to focus? Need a burst of energy? Help is just a few stimulating essential oils away. Find out which scents will get you going and learn how to treat fatigue with aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy: Birch

The scent and flavor known as wintergreen owes its origin to birch, which also flavors many beverages and candies. This essential oil has astringent properties and can prevent dandruff. Learn how birch is used in aromatherapy.