Top 10 Baby Boomer Health Trends


Not As Healthy As Previous Generation

Compared to previous generations, baby boomers grew up in a decidedly less agrarian world. Raised in the same era that ushered in suburbs, many boomers consider both farm and factory to be foreign environments. Instead, they were more likely than their parents to find work in an office environment, thus avoiding the physically exhausting and often dangerous lines of work that filled the lives of previous generations.

But that's not the only difference: Compared to previous generations, one study found that people between the ages of 50 and 64 are more likely to need assistance with personal-care activities due to medical conditions [source: Elliott]. Another study found worsened levels of health among those age 60 to 69 [source: Aldridge].

Results may also be skewed due to better and earlier detection of disease, which may actually translate for boomers into increased wellness and longevity.

Increasing concern over health and obesity may also be the catalyst behind increased consciousness of dietary decisions, which we'll discuss next.