10 Popular Baby Boomer Activities


Staying Fit

Hitting the gym and playing sports are popular among baby boomers. These individuals focus on feeling healthy and young while also combating obesity and other health-related problems.

Boomers participate in a mix of solitary and group activities such as tennis, golf, jogging, walking and aerobic exercise, to name a few. Because baby boomers were the first to be targeted by health advertisers on TV, it's not surprising that they take their well-being seriously.

But the generation is also known to take exercise to the extreme. Coined "Boomeritis," many active boomers are breaking their aging bodies by overdoing it [source: Marchione]. As a result, hip and knee replacements are on the rise for individuals between the ages of 40 and 60, but doctors are unsure of whether the procedures will withstand boomers' active lifestyles.

Boomers embrace moving around in the job market -- even when they reach retirement age. Learn about another popular trend on the next page.