10 Popular Baby Boomer Activities


Career Changes

Reaching 65 years of age is an exciting time for those easing into retirement. But for baby boomers, such a vision won't cut it, as many plan to continue working well after 65. Of the group staying in the work force, two-thirds plan to make a career change [source: Merrill Lynch].

Activities surrounding switching career paths or trying something new are likely to become more popular as baby boomers age. According to one industry survey, baby boomers reported wanting to switch to professions such as consulting and teaching, where they can use their experiences to help and guide others [source: Merrill Lynch]. Some even reported wanting to be tour guides, leading leisurely trips through tourist spots.

Boomers are also testing the waters of the entrepreneurial world, as many have expressed interest in creating new businesses or independent work.

Overall, though, it's unclear whether businesses are ready for boomers to shift between fields. Usually, people close to retirement age ease into retirement. But because boomers want to switch to different professions they may not have experience in, they will compete with younger generations for jobs -- a choice that might catch businesses and boomers off guard.

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