10 Popular Baby Boomer Activities

Enjoying Music

How could the generation that attended Woodstock and coined the term rock 'n' roll ever fall out of music's sweet embrace?

Boomers still wax nostalgic about their concert-going past and enjoy listening to good tunes, particularly if they're performed live. Groups such as the Rolling Stones -- and even U2, a multigenerational favorite made up of boomers themselves -- have the highest-grossing tours, even today [source: Waddell]. It turns out boomers are not only able to reminisce about their favorite music, but they're also catered to as a profitable demographic.

Baby boomers also accounted for more than 25 percent of music sales in 2006 [source: Glaister]. One quarter to 40 percent of baby boomers own an iPod or MP3 player, suggesting they still constitute a reasonable size of the music market in recent years [source: Zickuhr].

Baby boomers' sense of adventure doesn't fade with age. Would you dare try some of these popular baby boomer activities on the next page?