10 Popular Baby Boomer Activities


Extreme Sports

When compared to their parents, baby boomers would rather take a shot at sky-diving than remain grounded. There's evidence that individuals from this generation want more adventure in their lives and are more likely than their parents to participate in competitive sports [source: Sperazza & Banerjee].

But some boomers take it one step further.

Among the demographic, extreme sports such as rafting, skydiving and paragliding commonly frequent boomers' itineraries. One source states that more than 60 percent of boomers want to be involved in extreme sports, regardless of their age [source: Cochran et al.]. With all of these outdoor plans, it's no wonder many boomers feel younger than they actually are.

Boomers also carry their adventurous attitudes with them on vacation, particularly for households with kids under age 18. But they also find ways to make trips active and educational. Even though boomers are risk-takers, safety is still a huge priority for them [source: AARP]. White water rafting with a guide? Yes. Skydiving with an unlicensed guide? Certainly not.