10 Popular Baby Boomer Activities

Home Improvement and DIY

Baby boomers' independence and innovation leads them to activities to do on their own.

This is why home improvement projects and do-it-yourself endeavors are popular among the group. Improving quality of home makes sense for boomers looking to stick with their current residence as they age.

Home improvement activities make sense for boomers who want to downsize as well, as smaller living spaces could lead to higher quality decorative touches. In addition, boomers are set on being self-sufficient. Gardening, canning and crafting handmade products such as clothing and furniture are a few thrifty activities boomers do well. Ultimately, staying physically and mentally active and carrying on family traditions matter.

As we've discussed, boomers aren't afraid to learn new things. But have they been able to cope with the technological revolution of today's digital age? Read on to find out.