Alternative Medicine

It seems alternative medicine is sweeping the country but alternative medical treatments have been around for centuries. Our extensive alternative medicine library covers acne to alcoholism and insomnia to lupus.


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Alternative Medicines for Diabetes

Alternative medicines for diabetes include nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine. Learn more about treating diabetes.

Alternative Medicines for Diarrhea

Alternative medicines for diarrhea include herbal medicine, homeopathy, and nutritional therapy. Learn to treat diarrhea with alternative medicine.

Alternative Medicines for Diverticular Disease

Alternative medicines for diverticular disease include homeopathy and nutritional therapy. Learn about treating diverticulosis and diverticulitis.

Alternative Medicines for Ear Infection

Alternative medicines for ear infections include nutritional therapy, homeopathy, and herbal medicine. Learn alternative ways to treat ear infections.

Alternative Medicines for Fever

Alternative medicines for fever include homeopathy, herbal medicine, and hydrotherapy. Learn to treat fevers with alternative medicine.

Alternative Medicine Overview

It seems alternative medicine is sweeping the country. Newspapers, magazines, books, TV -- it's starting to look like a fad. But the truth is, alternative medical treatments have been around for centuries.

Alternative Medicines for AIDS

Alternative medicines for AIDS include nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, and hyperthermia therapy. Learn to treat AIDS with alternative medicine.

Alternative Medicines for Bursitis

Alternative medicines for bursitis include chiropractic medicine, acupuncture, and bodywork. Learn to treat bursitis in your own home.

Alternative Medicines for Cancer

Alternative medicines for cancer include nutritional therapy, mind/body medicine, and oxygen therapy. Learn to treat cancer with alternative medicine.

Alternative Medicines for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Alternative medicines for carpal tunnel syndrome include homeopathy, herbal medicines, and nutritional therapy. Learn more about treatments.

Alternative Medicines for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Alternative medicines for chronic fatigue syndrome include nutritional therapy and acupuncture. Learn about alternative medicine treatment.

Alternative Medicines for a Bladder Infection

Alternative medicines for bladder infections include herbal medicines, nutritional therapy, homeopathy, and aromatherapy.

Alternative Medicines for Allergies

Alternative medicines for allergies include homeopathy, herbal and environmental medicines, and nutritional therapy. Learn to treat allergies at home.

Alternative Medicines for Alcoholism & Drug Addiction

Alternative medicines for alcoholism and drug addiction include nutritional, herbal, and acupuncture therapies. Learn more about these treatments.

Alternative Medicines for Alzheimer's Disease

Alternative medicines for Alzheimer's disease include nutritional, chelation, and sound therapies. Learn to treat Alzheimer disease.

Alternative Medicines for Anemia

Alternative medicines for anemia include nutritional therapy, herbal medicines, and homeopathy. Learn how to treat anemia in your home.

Alternative Medicines for Anxiety

Alternative medicines for anxiety include meditation, homeopathy, herbal medicine, and hypnotherapy. Learn to treat anxiety.

Alternative Medicines for Arthritis

Alternative medicines for arthritis include nutritional and detoxification therapy and herbal and mind/body medicines. Learn how to treat arthritis.

Alternative Medicines for Asthma

Alternative medicines for asthma include mind/body medicine, nutritional therapy, and other therapies and medicines. Learn to treat asthma at home.

Alternative Medicines for Back and Neck Pain

Alternative medicines for back and neck pain include chiropractic medicine, yoga, bodywork, osteopathy, and neural therapy.

Alternative Medicines for Acne

Alternative medicines for acne include nutritional therapy and herbal medicines. Learn how to treat acne with alternative medicine in your own home.

Natural Sleep Aids

Natural sleep aids are often confused with scams. Learn how these legitimate methods of inducing sleep can help you get some shut-eye.

Alternative Medicine for High Cholesterol

Some of the products and strategies touted as controlling cholesterol work better than others. But none of them can work by themselves. Start here to find out which foods and supplements can help.

Alternative Treatments for Diabetes

While alternative treatments to diabetes might sound risky, they can be helpful. However, with a disease like diabetes, no treatment should be perused without consulting with your doctor. Learn about alternative treatments for diabetes.

Alternative Treatments for High Blood Pressure

Millions of Americans live with high blood pressure, which puts a person at major risk for heart disease and stroke. But dietary precautions can lower high blood pressure.