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Traditional Chinese Medicine for Overall Health

Traditional Chinese Angelica Dang Gui Syrup

Chinese Angelica Dang Gui Syrup is an herbal treatment for anemia, and for fatigue following surgery or an illness. Most people find its taste quite pleasant.

Chinese name: Tang Kwei Gin (dahng gway jin)


Also known as: Angelica Dang Gui Syrup


Fatigue, anemia, scanty menses


Tonifies qi and blood, regulates menses


A classic blood tonic, Tang Kwei Gin comes in a liquid form that is quite pleasant-tasting when mixed in water. When used along with Women's Precious Pills, it can raise the red blood cell count, an important action in cases of anemia or fatigue after surgery or a prolonged illness. It also strengthens digestive function, helping the body absorb nutrients from food and further assisting in the production of new blood cells.

The chief herb in the formula is Angelica sinensis (dang gui), a sweetly aromatic root with a wide range of actions. It has a regulatory effect on the uterus, enabling contractions to be more regular (such as in cases of delayed or weak menstruation) or relaxing the uterine muscle (such as with cramps), depending on which is needed. The formula also contains vitamin B12, which is necessary to prevent pernicious anemia.

Manufacturer: Plum Flower

Dosage: 1 tablespoon, three times a day

Women suffering from menopausal symptoms like night sweats, irritability, and hot flashes can find relief in an herbal treatment formulated specifically for those symptoms. Read on to learn about this medicine.

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