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Depression Facts

Depression facts offer clarity for this often misunderstood condition. Separate truth from myth about the causes, symptoms and treatment of depression.

5 Common Depressive Behaviors

Symptoms of depression and the behaviors they cause don't occur in a vacuum. They're connected, and they feed off of each other. Do you know how to spot the signs?

5 Common Depressive Behaviors

Do you know the common depressive behaviors? If you are concerned about a loved one or yourself, see these five common depressive behaviors to learn more. See more »

Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Depression

Vagus nerve stimulation may help people who are diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression. Learn about the pros and cons of vagus nerve stimulation. See more »

Understanding Dysthmyia

Dysthymia is a type of depression that can manifest itself as a general negative or cynical attitude. Explore the symptoms and treatments for dysthymia. See more »

The Geriatric Depression Scale

The Geriatric Depression Scale can help determine if an aging person has problems with depression. Learn about the Geriatric Depression Scale. See more »

Understanding Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression comes with the changing of seasons. Find out the symptoms and treatments for seasonal depression. See more »

Is there a link between adoption and depression?

Is Major Depressive Disorder related to adoption? Learn about the relationship between Major Depressive Disorder and adoption. See more »

Understanding Psychotic Depression

Psychotic depression can bring to mind stereotypes and not the facts. Find out what is psychotic depression and how psychotic depression is treated? See more »

Major Depressive Disorder Explained

When you've got major depressive disorder, the symptoms last more than two weeks at a time. Learn about causes and treatments for major depressive disorder. See more »

Catatonic Depression

Catatonic depression, more commonly known as major depression with catatonic features, is unusual. Learn all about catatonic depression and treatments. See more »

Reactive Depression

Reactive depression can be devastating no matter what triggers it. But how is reactive -- or situational -- depression different from clinical depression? See more »