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Relationship Advice

Relationship advice can help you nurture a lasting, long-term connection with your partner. Get love and relationship advice based on personal experiences and scientific research that promotes good health and happiness.

5 Tips for Meeting Your Girlfriend's Parents

Meeting your girlfriend's parents is a big deal -- chances are it means you're officially crossing the threshold into long-term expectations. It's often a nerve-racking experience, but if you come prepared, you can make a good first impression.

Relationship Counseling: Does It Work?

Many marriages and relationships fall apart because of a lack of communication, and relationship counseling can help facilitate communication between partners. Find out whether relationship counseling works and decide if it's right for you. See more »

Signs of Relationship Wear and Tear

Often, a difficult relationship manifests itself in physical symptoms. These symptoms are associated with core emotions, such as fear, anger and sadness. See more »

When is it time to leave the relationship?

Relationships are tough, but how do you know when enough is enough and it's time to move on? Read this discussion of when to leave a relationship so you can decide for yourself if leaving the relationship you are in is right for you. See more »

When Your Partner Cheats: Healing From Infidelity

Few events cause as much turmoil in a marriage as infidelity, which can shatter trust and create a breeding ground for insecurity and resentment. Learn how to heal after you or your partner commits an act of infidelity. See more »