Human Nature

Human Nature encompasses peoples' actions, perceptions, and thought processes. Topics include food cravings, mind-reading, and contagious yawning.

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More U.S. Brides Are Keeping Their Maiden Names, for New Reasons

Even so, those numbers aren't quite as high as you might think.

Hand Sniffing After Hand Shaking Is a Thing

And you probably don't even realize you're doing it.

Equality in Alcohol? Gender Differences in Drinking Are Shrinking in U.S.

And the U.S. isn't the only country where this gender gap is closing.

Wait for It … Procrastination Can Be a Good Thing

Researchers discover five different types of procrastinators, including "well-adjusted."

Getting to Know the Injustice Collectors

If you've ever met someone who obsessively kept track of every perceived wrong committed against them, then you've met one. The problem is when they turn violent.

Ambiverts Bridge Introverts and Extroverts. But Isn't That Just Everybody?

If the personality of an ambivert seems familiar, it's probably because you are one — or know someone who is one. But if we're all ambiverts, is the term meaningless?

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do. So Why Not Pay Someone to Do It for You?

A new website will do the dirty work for you via Snapchat, text, letter or awkward phone call.

How to Tell When Somebody's About to Stab You in the Back

The threat of betrayal looms in all relationships. Wouldn't it be nice to know when it's coming?

Blind People Do Go to the Movies. And Audio Description Helps.

Audio description is kind of like that friend who whispers key plot points to you during the movie when you miss them. It's pretty handy for blind film buffs.

Fear: Your Memory's Worst Enemy

Those vivid memories you have of traumatic moments? Fear may have made them less accurate than you think.

5 Human Quirks That Make Good Science Hard to Do Well

Science should be clean, simple, and just the facts, right? Unfortunately these traits of imperfect humans make perfect science tough to accomplish.

This Just In: Know-it-alls Know Nothing at All

A study showed that self-professed experts claimed knowledge of concepts in their field that don't really exist.

Blind People Perceive Race, Too

But how they go about it may provide a lesson to sighted folks.

Screaming: Bad for the Ears, Good for the Species?

Sure, a scream grabs your attention, but do you know why? It has to do with "roughness," a particular quality you can hear in some sounds that fluctuate rapidly.

When It Comes to Lying, the Nose Knows

Forget about shifty eyes — your nose heats up when you're not telling the truth.

Kissing: More Socially Complex Than You Realize

For some people, kissing is an incredibly romantic act, but is it really? Why is exchanging saliva so celebrated in some cultures, but so alien in others?

Thoreau Had It Right: Introverts Prefer Mountains, Extroverts Love the Beach

Researchers believe that personality reveals geographical preferences, with introverts and extroverts heading for different vacation destinations.

Can optimism make you healthier?

"Look on the bright side!" It's advice people have been doling out for ages, but could a positive outlook actually benefit your physical well-being?

Can you really feel the weather in your bones?

Are you a human barometer? Do changes in the weather cause you physical pain? Read this and find out if you can really feel the weather right down to your bones.

Do women have a better sense of taste than men?

Girls have better taste than boys — as in the sense, that is. Find out why women's ability to distinguish between sweet and sour trumps mens'.

10 Weird Facts About Biological Rhythms

It's no rinky-dink Mickey Mouse clock. The body clock is a strange and wonderful thing, calibrated to reflect a variety of biological rhythms that you may not have known are beating inside your body. And scientists are still not sure why it exists.

Are habits inherited?

Could your ancestors be to blame for your overeating or excess spending? Unnecessary scapegoating is a lousy thing to do, but could there be some weight to this suggestion?

Do old habits really die hard?

We often focus on our bad habits, but there's actually a system of interlocking beneficial and detrimental ones that make up our everyday routines.

10 Myths About Body Fat

There are many commonly held beliefs about fat that aren't entirely accurate. For example, muscle simply can't turn into fat.

10 Myths About Hangovers

Ugh, the morning after the night before! Should you drink some coffee, lots of water or more liquor? Or have some bacon and eggs? There are lots of "remedies" out there for hangovers, most of which are useless.