Human Nature

Human Nature encompasses peoples' actions, perceptions, and thought processes. Topics include food cravings, mind-reading, and contagious yawning.

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A Dose of Nature Could Improve Mental Health for City Dwellers

Green spaces aren't just a city-planning gimmick. Living near birds and shrubs really does have measurable benefits, new research shows.

The 'Ugliness Premium': Being Unattractive Can Mean Higher Wages

New research debunks the myth that only the pretty people get the best salaries.

What the Use of Emojis and Emoticons Says About Our Personalities

Would it surprise you to learn that people who used emojis were considered more agreeable than those who didn't?

Honesty and Profanity Are Surprising Bedfellows

You’d think that someone who curses up a storm might be dishonest and bad news all around. A new study finds that the opposite may be true.

Kids Aren't Bad at Identifying Smells. They Just Aren't Familiar With Many.

We get better at recognizing certain odor groups as we get older, a new study shows.

Company Wants to Pump Young People's Blood Into Veins of the Aging Elite

The old folks are coming, and they want the red stuff in your veins. Is California company Ambrosia just high-tech vampirism?

Corporal Punishment Continues in U.S. Schools, Despite Its Ineffectiveness

Spankings are common and legal in many public schools — but experts say they don't work. So why are they still a form of discipline?

What Are the Odds You've Met a Psychopath?

If you ran into a chainsaw-swinging psychopath, you’d probably remember. But what about everyday pscyhopaths?

Let Kids Lose! Scientists Say It Helps Children Learn Better Judgment

Throwing games to make kids happy may negatively affect their ability to make important decisions — even if it does boost their self-esteem.

Your Feet Can Taste Garlic

After you try this pungent party trick, you'll never doubt the power of garlic.

Bodybuilders Injecting Themselves With Cooking Oils Now Apparently a Thing

According to doctors, injecting cooking oil into your muscles to make them appear larger does not work, could possibly kill you.

What Makes That Person Creepy?

John Turturro played one to perfection in "The Big Lebowski." The guys from Stuff to Blow Your Mind investigate how people become creepy.

For Teen Twins, Bad Behavior Can Be Contagious

One bad apple may indeed spoil the whole bunch, especially if it's a bunch of adolescent siblings and one of them is delinquent.

Why Locking Eyes During a Conversation Is So Difficult

Breaking eye contact during conversation doesn't necessarily mean we're insecure — it means we're human.

Shotgun Marriages Are on the Rise — And in Surprising Places

You may have thought shotgun marriages died out following the era of peace, free love and rock 'n' roll, but in some groups, they're actually rising.

No, Really — Who Gets Control of the Armrest?

Being stuck in the middle seat on a long flight — or any flight — stinks. But does that entitle the middle-seater to the armrests? We asked an etiquette expert.

Small Lies Build Up the Brain's Tolerance for Being Dishonest

Stay honest! The more little white lies we tell, the more likely our brains feel O.K. about telling big, fat whoppers, a new study finds.

Which Country Is the Most Empathetic? (Hint: It's Not the U.S.)

The results of a worldwide survey on empathy are in and it's full of surprises.

Too Tense to Poop? It Happens to a Lot of Women

What is the connection between women's brains and their bowels?

Living in Racist Community Linked to Health Issues for Blacks, Whites Alike

Living in racially hostile societies has been connected to the circulatory and cardiac health of both blacks and white.

What's Up With Women Being Expected to Smile All the Time?

Nice girls always smile, according to Western gender norms, but embracing 'Resting Bitch Face' could be good for gender equality.

Why You Hate the Weird Sound of Your Own Voice

The reason why cringe when you hear your weird, terrible, monstrous voice? It all has to do with physics, biology and sonics.

Got a Backup Plan? Think About Ditching It

Just jump already! Your backup plan may be getting in the way of you achieving your dream.

How Much Pee Is in Your Pool?

Urine for a shock when you learn how much pee is in the average public pool. Even Olympic swimmers admit to peeing in the pool -- just like you and me.