How to Ask a Guy Out

Make a Connection

Before you dive right in and ask a guy out, you may want to test the waters a little bit. The goal is to establish a "click," or some sort of connection with him. Here are few tips for getting started:

  1. Make conversation: Talk about things you have in common or what's going on around you -- the football game last weekend, an upcoming test for a class you share or a cool concert that's coming to town (that might make a great date). If just talking about a potential date is awkward, neither of you may be eager to spend a whole evening trying to make conversation. Remember, don't talk just to be talking -- nonstop blabbering is no better than awkward silence. You want your conversation to have a nice, easy flow.
  2. Don't be afraid to laugh: A sense of humor is a very endearing quality in a person. Show him you've got one -- good-natured teasing or sarcasm can put both of you at ease, and it shows that you're fun and don't take yourself too seriously. If you can laugh and make him laugh, you'll be much more relaxed.
  3. Follow the golden rule: As you are talking to him, be friendly and relaxed, because that's how you want him to be with you. Getting to know someone better is not a formal process. It's the result of casual conversation and hanging out with each other. Smile and make eye contact -- all the things that your mother told you to do when talking to people.

Typically, when you make the effort, a guy will respond to you, via conversation, facial expressions or body language, and you'll know how things are going. This will either give you a green light for asking him out or tell you to hold back, use caution and maybe think about it some more.

If you're ready to ask him out, read on.