How to Ask a Guy Out

Have a Date in Mind

When you're asking a guy out, you want the date to be fun, something you both like to do, and preferably something casual and relaxed. This makes it easier for you to ask and easier for him to say yes. So, what are some ideas?

Concerts and sporting events are fun, casual dates, and typically, they involve common interests -- be it Lady Gaga or professional hockey -- so afterward, you'll have plenty to talk about. Another option is a school event, such as a football game, a dance or even a study date; this a place where you already have common ground. After all, it's not as hard to ask someone to go somewhere if they're already thinking about going. Another date idea is just to go somewhere around town, like a party, a movie or out to grab a bite.

Some words of caution when choosing a date location:

  1. Don't suggest something just because he'll like it. You want to have a good time, too, because a one-sided date is no fun. If you can't stand football, a Friday night game may not be a good idea. Likewise, don't get tickets to a rock concert if you only like classical music.
  2. Don't be afraid to start small. It might make life a lot easier if the first time you ask a guy out, it's to something like a movie or dinner rather than prom. It's always better to start with a low-stress situation and work your way up. So, if you do want to end up asking this guy to prom, start with dinner a few months earlier.
  3. Don't date under a microscope. If you ask a guy out and your first date is to a school event, you may feel like too many eyes are on you, including those of your friends and his. If you think that will be too stressful, then don't suggest such a public event when you ask him out. Remember, it's only a good suggestion if it puts both of you at ease and in a situation where you can enjoy yourselves. If you're worried about whispering friends, you won't have fun.

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