Treating Skin Problems

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How to Improve Your Skin with Mint

Many people enjoy mint-flavored chewing gum and toothpastes, and mint teas are popular choices at coffee shops. Aside from its soothing scents, can mint provide benefits to your skin?

How to Naturally Boost Collagen

The older you get, the more your skin loses its ability to stretch. Part of this is due to a breakdown in collagen, the protein in your skin that gives it strength and support. Are there any natural ways to jump-start collagen production?

Is it possible to shrink large pores?

If you've ever looked at your reflection in the mirror and seen nothing but enlarged pores, you may have wondered if there's any way to get rid of them. Some people suggest hot water or steam -- but is there any way to actually "shrink" your pores?

Is Botox an effective treatment for stinky feet?

If you notice an embarrassing odor when you take off your shoes, you may wonder if there's anything do about it. What does hyperhidrosis have to do with smelly feet, and what can Botox do to treat it?

Is green tea good for my skin?

A cup of green tea in the morning can wake you up in soothing fashion, while a cup at night can provide a mellow end to a long day. But can the popular drink help out your skin?

Is it possible to improve skin elasticity?

If you find yourself pulling and tugging at your face in front of the mirror, you may be looking for a way to improve your skin's elasticity. Is there anything you can do to give your skin some more spring?

Is it safe to bleach my skin?

Most people are susceptible to patchy discoloration, scarring and other skin traumas. To even things out, some people resort to bleaching their skin. Is it safe, and what does hydroquinone have to do with it?

Is massage good for my skin?

Getting a massage can be more than just relaxing. Aside from providing stress relief, the practice may also treat some respiratory, neurological and muscular disorders. But is massage good for your skin, or can a session on the table cause problems?

Is rose vinegar good for skin?

Some people recommend homemade remedies for skin care. One such remedy is rose vinegar, a mixture of water, rose petals and vinegar. Can it work wonders for skin, or are there risks involved?

Are foot scrapers safe to use on my feet?

If your boots were made for walking, chances are you've picked up some calluses along the way. Is it alright to file away at hardened skin with a foot scraper? And what should you consider if you have diabetes?

Are lasers a safe way to treat spider veins?

Spider veins, which often look worse than they are, respond to several types of treatment. What are the risks involved with using lasers to treat their appearance?

Are lasers a safe way to treat varicose veins?

Varicose veins aren't just unsightly -- they can cause discomfort, including aching and itching. How can lasers help reduce these symptoms and veins' appearance?

Can argan oil help my skin?

The use of argan oil to revitalize and hydrate skin has gained popularity in recent years. But how much truth is there to this natural product's purported benefits?

Can prescription acne medication kill me?

If you've ever gone to the doctor to treat a severe case of acne, you may have received prescription medication. Some of these come with severe side effects -- could an acne treatment actually kill you?

Can water cure acne?

By keeping us hydrated and flushing out waste, water can promote good overall health. But how effective is it in treating our skin problems?

Does honey vinegar acid help skin?

Individually, honey and vinegar both have properties that can potentially soothe and smooth skin. But what are the advantages to using these ingredients at the same time?

Does lemon juice really get rid of freckles?

Lemon juice is a strong food acid that can do everything from relieve a sore throat to brighten your laundry whites. You may have heard that it can also get rid of freckles. Is this true, or is it more of a temporary solution?

Does shea butter help scars fade?

Shea butter is a common ingredient in moisturizers and scar prevention creams. But how well does it actually work as a means for making existing scars disappear?

Blu-U Treatments

Blue-light therapy helps clear acne by attacking the bacteria that causes it to spread, but the procedure doesn't work for everyone. Who can benefit from Blu-U treatments?

How can rose water help my skin?

Rose water is probably best known for its aromatic benefits, but it can actually make you look better, too. What gives this byproduct of distillation its healing properties?

Doctor Fish Skin Treatment

Looking for an exfoliation alternative? The controversial use of doctor fish, banned in at least 14 states, is supposed to help to get rid of dead skin cells that haven't sloughed off naturally.

How does safflower oil benefit skin?

Safflower oil is a vegetable oil commonly used in both food items and skin care products. It might make your dish more delicious, but what can it do for your skin?

How does sesame oil benefit skin?

Sesame oil is known for adding flavor to many kinds of exotic dishes, but a similar version of it might also add some spice to your skin care routine. What can this oil do for your skin?

Epsom Salt Bath Treatments

For generations, people have been taking Epsom salt baths to cure their ills. What is it about this naturally occurring compound that makes it so trusted?

Face Steaming Basics

Face steaming is a common treatment for cleaning pores and helping skin products penetrate better. You can do it at home, but knowing the proper way can help you avoid harming your skin.