Natural Foods

Natural foods have been shown to have wide-ranging health benefits. Read up on some of the most popular natural foods and their characteristics.


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Natural Weight-Loss Food: Olive Oil

A Mediterranean-style diet, rich in olive oil, has proven valuable to the people of that region for thousands of years. Recently, its benefits have been scientifically promoted for weight management. Learn about olive oil.

Peppers: Natural Weight-Loss Foods

Peppers don't have that spicy image for nothing. This vegetable is an excellent way to spice up otherwise bland dishes, keeping you interested in your new healthy-eating lifestyle. Learn about peppers.

Pineapple: Natural Weight-Loss Foods

If you need something really sweet, reach for fresh pineapple. It is one of the sweetest fruits around, and contains much less caloric value than a processed dessert. Learn about pineapple.

Plums: Natural Weight-Loss Foods

Plums are noted for versatility. This fruit tastes great alone, cut up in cereals and yogurt, or cooked to make compote or sauces for healthy dessert dishes. Learn about plums.

Potatoes: Natural Weight-Loss Foods

Potatoes have been getting a bad rap in the food world. But the pride of Idaho actually has much to boast about. Potatoes are filling and moderate in calories. Learn about potatoes.

Prunes (Dried Plums): Natural Weight-Loss Foods

Prunes are primarily famous for being a laxative because they are rich in fiber. It's this same component that makes them perfect for keeping your hunger to a minimum. Learn about prunes.

Pumpkin: Natural Weight-Loss Foods

No matter how healthy your eating habits, everyone needs a little dessert sometimes. Pumpkin is perfect when you want a healthy treat. Then you can have the enjoyment without the guilt. Learn about pumpkins in this article.

Beets: Natural Weight-Loss Food

Beets are one of the most attractive vegetables in the diet garden. This low-fat vegetable fights water retention and helps flush out the system. Discover how beets can help you beat those unwanted pounds.

Bran Cereals: Natural Weight-Loss Food

Bran cereals are a quick and delicious fiber source. Fiber-rich foods are filling and low in fat. Discover how bran promotes weight loss. Learn what a bowl of bran a day can do.

Natural Weight-Loss Food: Broccoli

Broccoli helps dieters lose weight. Eating lots of broccoli fills you up with the bulk of high-fiber, and is a vegetable low in calories. Learn more about this low-fat, low calorie vegetable option.

Raspberries: Natural Weight-Loss Foods

Raspberries are low in calories and high in fiber, a vital one-two punch in the fight against fat. This fragile berry is actually a member of the rose family. Learn about raspberries.

Brussels Sprouts: Natural Weight-Loss Food

Brussels sprouts are a cancer fighting vegetable low in fat and low in calories, and loaded with Vitamin A, folacin, potassium, calcium, and fiber. Learn about brussels sprouts and how they're great for weight loss.

Rice: Natural Weight-Loss Foods

Rice is an important staple of any healthy diet. This food is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates and complements protein alternatives to saturated fat-laden meat dishes very well. Find out about rice.

Soybeans: Natural Weight-Loss Foods

The soybean is the great impostor. When used as a meat substitute, which it does well because of its protein profile, a serving of soybeans can save you fat, especially saturated fat. Learn about soybeans.

Carrots: Natural Weight-Loss Food

You can achieve weight loss from eating carrots. Containing vitamins, potassium and calcium, carrots are one of the best vegetables. Learn how to diet with carrots to make meals healthier.

Lentils: Natural Weight-Loss Food

Lentils are brimming with fiber, which is crucial to satisfying your hunger and reducing your appetite. This food gives you that full feeling you will need to avoid culinary temptation. Learn how you can add lentils to your diet.

Mangoes: Natural Weight-Loss Food

Anyone wanting to lose weight will be sweet on mangoes. This fruit is packed with nutrients, so you can eat less per meal and still meet daily requirements for nutrition. Find out about mangoes.

Amaranth: Natural Weight-Loss Food

Discover amaranth, a versatile grain high in protein that can be used in a variety of different dishes. Learn about amaranth's benefits, as a easy to cook food that promotes weight loss and good health.

Melons: Natural Weight-Loss Food

Melons may come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, but they all have two things in common: a soft, sweet, juicy pulp and superb taste. It's hard to say no to melons. Learn about melons.

Skim Milk: Natural Weight-Loss Foods

Milk is nicknamed "nature's most perfect food." While it's not truly perfect, fat-free milk certainly comes close with its high protein and calcium counts and a bevy of B vitamins. Learn about skim milk.

Millet: Natural Weight-Loss Foods

Millet is one of those foods vegetarians love, because it is rich in both fiber, which makes your stomach feel full longer, and in protein, which is crucial for athletic lifestyles. Learn about millet.

Mushrooms: Natural Weight-Loss Foods

Mushrooms are standard fare in Asian cultures, and Americans are learning to appreciate their texture and flavor. They are low in fat and sodium and contain a powerful flavor enhancer. Learn about mushrooms.

Nuts and Seeds: Natural Weight-Loss Foods

Because almost all nuts and seeds are super high in fat, it may surprise you that we are calling them fat-fighting foods. But the fat may aid weight loss. Learn about nuts and seeds.

Oats: Natural Weight-Loss Foods

Oats fill the bill when it comes to reducing hunger and keeping you on your diet plan. Soluble fibers in oats fill you up by creating gels, so you feel full longer. Learn about oats.

Onions: Natural Weight-Loss Foods

Whether cooked or raw, onions add enormous flavor to a variety of healthy dishes, so they are a crucial ingredient to have around the house to make figure-friendly meals. Learn about onions.