Dental Procedures

Whether you need a filling, root canal or a tooth removed, learn what you need to know about dental procedures and maintaining your oral health.


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How Can You Avoid That Trip to the Dentist? Regrow Your Teeth

And did we mention that this synthetic biomaterial could eventually lead dentists to retire root canals?

Taking Your Mouth Into Your Own Hands: DIY Braces

Most folks would head to the orthodontist to have their teeth straightened, but that's not what one broke college student and designer did.

Wisdom Teeth Can Stay, Says Oral Surgery Organization

You may not need to pull them after all (and spend three days as a chipmunk). But don't think that means the ordeal is over.

Dental Work and Pericarditis

Though rare, infection from dental work, or even vigorous brushing, can lead to pericarditis. But what are the symptoms -- and when should you call your doctor?

Gum Surgery

Gum surgery sounds like a scary and painful procedure. We'll tell you what to really expect if you're preparing for this oral treatment.

Cavity Filling

If you've ever had a cavity, you've probably got something in your teeth right now. No, not the spinach salad you had for lunch. We're talking about something a bit more ... filling.

Professional Fluoride Treatment

You already brush with fluoride toothpaste. So do you really need a professional fluoride treatment at the dentist, too?

Professional Teeth Whitening

At-home tooth-whitening products are extremely popular, but having a professional make your smile bright might be a better option. Is it worth the expense? What are the risks?

Remineralization of Teeth

Saliva plays an important role in your teeth's health. Think you know what its job is?

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth, tonsils and gall bladders may be the misfit toys of the human body, but with an 85 percent removal rate, those wise chompers rarely get to stick around for long.

Root Canal Procedure

Almost everyone knows they don't want to experience a root canal, but how many people really know what the procedure entails? Here, we break down the steps, so you know exactly what to expect if you find you need your pulp cleaned out.

Dental Implant Procedure

Missing a few teeth but can't imagine having dentures? Maybe implants are for you.

Tooth Extraction

You may have been lucky enough to have a tooth pulled at some point in your life, but do you know what the procedure actually entails? We'll give you the lowdown on what your dentist is up to when he's performing an extraction.

Can big teeth be shaved down?

We love celebrities with larger-than-life smiles, from Tom Cruise to Julia Roberts and even Gary Busey. But when it's your own teeth, can a toothy grin sometimes be too much?

What are the different types of dentures?

Dentures have come a long way since they were first used by the Etruscans in 700 B.C. But with all the different types available, how can you tell which are right for you?

Dental Crowns

Despite the name, crowns aren't royal treatment for your pearly whites; they're restorative dental devices that can be painful and costly. Why might you need a crown, and what are they made of? Find out.

Dental Bridges

Missing teeth? A dental bridge could be the solution. Find out here.

Can dentists use non-fluoride toothpaste?

We've all heard that fluoride is good for us but some people have concerns about the amount of fluoride they consume each day, between water, bottled drinks and toothpaste. What should they do at the dentist?

Tooth Abscess Treatment

Got an ache in your tooth? It could be an abscess. Find out how to treat it here.

Teeth Veneers

Also known as dental porcelain laminates, veneers can go a long way toward improving the appearance of your natural teeth. But how long do they last?

What are the consequences of delaying a root canal?

Delaying a root canal can lead to any number of bigger issues, including losing your tooth and, in the worst cases, even death.

How to Fix Overlapped Teeth

Happiness is something everyone wants to feel, and a smile tells the world you've got it. But when something like overlapped teeth makes you hide that smile, it's time for an adjustment.

How are tooth roots removed?

Removing a tooth is one of the most common dental surgeries performed. Learn why a tooth may have to be extracted, as well as what to expect when you're in the dentist chair.

Root Planing and Scaling Explained

If your dentist suggests a root planing and scaling, do you think "root canal" and head for the hills? Relax, it's not that bad.

How should dental partials fit in the mouth?

Dental partials -- denture replacements for single or multiple missing teeth -- are commonly used to return patients' smiles to their optimal beauty. How do these prosthetics fit into your mouth, and what are the other options?